Local volunteering

“Think global, act local”

SCI Madrid has several local volunteer groups focused on different areas but that all help build a better society. A local volunteer group is a way to volunteer with SCI throughout the year and answers that question volunteers ask after returning from their international work camp: “Now What?”.

True to the philosophy of “think global, act local”, SCI volunteers reflect on global issues and observe their environment in order to collaborate on issues that they consider can be improved.

Volunteer for Madrid

All the local volunteer groups work thanks to the enthusiasm and effort of the volunteers who are part of them. In SCI we firmly believe in the self-management of the people who make up the groups of volunteers.

Improve society

Participation in local SCI Madrid volunteering is open to all persons over 18 years old who are interested in participating actively in improving the society around us.

The local volunteer groups that SCI Madrid has are:

  • Profes (teachers): Volunteer teachers give free Spanish classes to foreigners.
  • Ecosfera (ecosphere): Ecosfera volunteers carry out environmental care and education.
  • Norte Sur (north-south). This is the group of volunteers linked to the volunteer camps and the issues coming from the North-South exchange.
  • Bocadillos (sandwiches): Befriending, providing food and accompaniment for the homeless.
  • Regenerando (regenderating): The volunteers of the group carry out various activities with the aim of implementing a gender vision in SCI through raising awareness and providing specific training on the issue of gender equality aimed at volunteers.