Ecosfera - Environmental Volunteering

The importance of caring for the environment

The Ecosfera volunteer group is dedicated to environmental volunteer work. Ecosfera volunteers carry out environmental conservation and awareness activities. One of the pillars of SCI is to care for the environment, considering that it is one of the great challenges of the 21st century. Awareness about environmental actions we can take, is fundamental for our well-being and for future generations.

Our activities:

Hiking trips to the Sierra de Madrid as a way to promote environmental education and healthy leisure.
Cultural activities related to respect for the environment, such as ornithological guided tours, visits to environmental education centers, walks in the Botanical Garden, etc.
Collaborations with local environmental associations
Video-forums on various topics related to planet Earth, ecological diversity and environmental impacts.
Workshops and recreational activities with recycled materials.
Search and creation of environmental volunteer camps in Spain.

Do you want to participate in environmental volunteering?

If you are interested in the environment and are interested in participating in Ecosphere activities, you are welcome! If you are interested in participating, get in contact with us and we will give you more information!