Feminist volunteering

Feminism = a range of political movements, ideologies and social movements that share a common objective: to define, establish and achieve political, economic, personal and social equality of all genders and identities.

Regenerando, grupo de voluntariado local de SCI Madrid sobre temáticas de género, voluntariado internacional, campos de voluntariado, voluntariado Madrid, feminismo

REGENERANDO is a local SCI Madrid volunteer group that was born from the increase in activities and the interest of volunteers in gender issues. Volunteers carry out various activities with the aim of implementing a gender vision in SCI, through raising awareness and providing specific training aimed at volunteers on the issue of gender equality.

Types of activities carried out in Regenerando:

  • GENDER AWARENESS TALKS: Regenerando volunteers conduct training and talks on equality aimed at volunteers.
  • FILM SCREENINGS of films that have a gender focus.
  • ADHERENCE TO GENDER CAMPAIGNS on social networks.
    WORKSHOPS and recreational activities related to the gender approach

Collaborations with other feminist volunteer groups

In addition, we are developing our activities in collaboration with the Gender Blenders group at the international level of SCI. Gender Blenders have just released the “Free to be you and me” toolkit. This toolkit for youth workers, coordinators and facilitators provides comprehensive information on gender and sexuality, along with practical guidelines and easy-to-use tools, with the aim of helping leaders address the issue of gender and sexuality in their activities. It is hoped that it will be a tool to help make activities safer and more inclusive for all, regardless of gender identity or sexuality.

Read the full version here 👉 https: //bit.ly/2nnG2od

Read more about Gender Blenders here.

Volunteer with us!

If you are interested in participating in the group, get in contact! Though please note, the group activities will be conducted in Spanish.