What we do

International volunteering and local volunteering

Servicio Civil Internacional Madrid is part of the organisation Service Civil International, a volunteer movement present in more than 60 countries around the world.

International volunteer camps

SCI offers short-term international volunteer opportunities called workcamps, in collaboration with local groups and initiatives.

Workcamps are short-term international volunteer projects where people of different nationalities and people aged 18 to 99 years old can participate.

The SCI volunteer camps are an important initiative for building a more supportive and inclusive society, propagating cultural and knowledge exchanges, breaking down prejudice to integrate different cultures.

Every year we have more than 1,200 volunteer camps spread across five continents, and we facilitate the annual participation of more than 5,000 volunteers from around the world. SCI Madrid offers a very affordable price, since it only costs €150, which includes accommodation and food, as well as international volunteer insurance.

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Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps (former European Voluntary Service)

At SCI Madrid, we help young people aged 18 to 30 find a way to volunteer in different projects throughout Europe.

SCI Madrid offers international volunteering with expenses paid, through the Erasmus+ International Seminars and Training, within the framework of the European Union’s Youth in Action programs.

Likewise, SCI Madrid is an accredited entity for both sending and receiving volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps  program, ESC. We have more than 15 years of experience in carrying out the European Solidarity Corps projects, welcoming European volunteers to our offices that want to contribute to our international and local volunteer activities during the period of their project. We work with the Youth Institute and have been an accredited entity for receiving and sending volunteers for more than 15 years.

The European Solidarity Corps consists of long term international volunteering that can last from one month to twelve months, with all the expenses paid. It is a scholarship from the European Commission where the volunteer has their accommodation, food, insurance and flights covered. It is a great opportunity to be able to volunteer abroad for free.

Volunteer in Madrid

We also carry out local volunteer projects in the community of Madrid that aim to improve the society around us. Volunteer projects in Madrid begin with the initiative of volunteers who, after their experiences in international volunteering, were inspired to change the reality at home too and proposed local volunteer groups with the motto “Think Global, act local”. SCI Madrid has been implementing volunteer actions in Madrid for more than 15 years through the 6 volunteer groups that we have.

How are we financed?

SCI Madrid is financed mainly through membership fees and activity derived from managing international volunteer camps.

The local volunteering SCI has developed during the year 2019, the project ‘Voluntarios Promoviendo el Voluntariado’ (Volunteers Promoting Volunteering), has been carried out thanks to the financing of the Community of Madrid and the Madrid City Council.

Likewise, the SCI Madrid is an accredited organisation for managing European Commission programs: Erasmus + and the European Solidarity Corps. Through these programs SCI receives funding for receiving and sending international volunteers, as well as for organising of seminars.