Noemí participó a un campo de voluntariado organizado por SCI Suiza en Ganterschwil del 28 de julio al 10 de agosto 2019.

» It was a really worth experience. I spent a good time in Switzerland and I met a lot of marvelous people there from very different countries – so all of us learnt a lot from each other’s cultures (like the way of living, new recipes). I even improved my culinary skills.


Although the workpart was hard sometimes it was really rewarding knowing that all of us were working with one single and common purpose.


The funny moments, the new friendships, thefood, the trips wemade and the experiences we shared about our lifes while we were creating new ones. All of that was a priceless thing.

voluntariado-internacional-Suiza-con-SCI-Madrid-7  voluntariado-internacional-Suiza-con-SCI-Madrid-6

voluntariado-internacional-Suiza-con-SCI-Madrid-9  voluntariado-internacional-Suiza-con-SCI-Madrid-8

And I think that it is what I learnt about this workcamp, that everyone has their one story to tell and that each one of us could learn a little bit more from each other. »