Hello everyone! Have you ever wondered to come visit Spain, go deep in its culture and help people in need? Well, that’s your lucky day 😉 SCI has published our workcamps!! So feel free to read the list, choose your favourite project and contact us to book your journey to our beautiful country!

You can choose between:
1. BASIDA or CASA SAMUEL: helping people with HIV;
2. MONLERAS or PURUJOSA: reconstruction and preservation of cultural heritage;
3. EL OSO: taking care of little animals and their habitat;
4. MADRIGAL: teaching English to kids.

All of our project are available in different dates, so no excuse! Join us this summer and live your lifetime adventure with us ? search all the info in https://www.workcamps.info/icamps/ES-MAD/es/, choosing «España» in the popup menu 😉