At SCI Madrid we work to promote peace, multiculturalism and rapprochement between people through the practice of volunteering. Thanks to being part of the vast SCI International network, we can offer workcamps in more than 100 countries around the world, a perfect way to practice languages.

But you don’t have to go far to volunteer. For years we have been collaborating with entities within Spanish territory that carry out various actions, such as caring for people with different abilities or supporting unpopulated areas. So if what you would like is to contribute your grain of sand in a field of work in Spain, be sure to review our latest vacancies:

Masnatur Madrid

Dates: August 12th – 19th
Location: Madrid

Masnatur Foundation, located in Madrid, works to promote through entertainment activities the integral development of people with disabilities, especially children and young people, and to provide support for their families. During this workcamp, the main tasks of the volunteers will focus on accompanying the residents in their daily routine and actively engaging in different leisure time activities for children and young people with disabilities. This workcamp requires a basic knowledge of Spanish language.

You can sign up for this workcamp here: August 12 – 19

Monleras and El Manzano

Dates: August 28th – September 8th
Location: Monleras and El Manzano (Castilla y León)

Monleras and El Manzano are small towns in Castilla y León, whose inhabitants are committed to finding alternatives for their common future. According to the purpose of the local community, the international volunteers will support different work activities, such as the reconstruction of the local footpath and the maintenance of the local orchard. In addition, the group will participate in activities to value natural, ethnographic and cultural resources aimed at preserving the traditional way of life that has survived until a few years ago but is in danger of being lost.

You can sign up for this workcamp here

Casa Samuel

Dates: September 4th – 17th
Location: Casa Samuel (Salamanca)

Caritas Salamanca has a safe house for people with HIV, where it also offers to cover basic needs and the ability to start a process of personal recovery that allows achieving the maximum possible degree of autonomy. Participation as a volunteer is performed in the guesthouse for AIDS so the possibility of living a volunteer experience in a social project is offered, approaching a concrete reality of exclusion, of some HIV-positive persons.

You can sign up for this workcamp here